Candles have been made the same way for centuries with little change. LightMe Bio-Oil candles change all that by creating the perfect ambience whilst eradicating the problems of traditional wax candles. For years we have had to deal with excessive amounts of soot, hot wax spills onto floors and furniture and candles made from fossil fuels.


Lightme Bio-Oil Candle is a liquid candle that uses a sustainable source of vegetable oil which can include Palm Kernel Oil through to Coconut oil. The mix of oils is formulated to reduce soot and create a safer candle for you and the environment. 

LightMe vs Tealights


Typically LightMe candles burn for 35-40 hours after simply lighting the wick. The plastic case on the candle can then be disposed of in line with local recycling conditions and simply replaced by a new candle. There is no need to alter the wick or the candle in any way. 


 Safer - Soot free - Long Burning - Eco Friendly 



What is so special about LightMe lamps?

Other than being incredibly cool, our lamps are designed to be safer and convenient for any space. The Glass reflects the light to increase the ambience whilst the silcone base ensures no slipping when on slippery surfaces.


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